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Committee Proposals

Here are the Five Committees we have basically broken down our efforts into. Please view these and see if you might like to volunteer to join or even chair a committee. All Chairpersons will be elected through consensus at our next meeting. If you wish to be nominated for a chair on a committee, please inform us at our e-mail address

Environmental Affairs Committee:
I believe Amy Hunt would like to be nominated to chair this position which would focus oin environmental issues for the area.

Public Realtions/Fundraising Committee:
I(Darren) would like to be nominated to chair this
position. I feel for now they are better left as one, but would probably
seperate later on.

Labor Relations/UAW/Workers Rights Committee:
Pretty self-explanatory, several have expressed interest in working on Labor oriented issues

Social Conscience Committee:
A Committe based on social justice from Gay/Lesbian to Palestinian Rights and Boycott updates.

Health Care Committee:
Something that would cover
everything from Universal Health care to the rights of the mentally or
physically impaired.

A lot of these committees would overlap, which would add more strength and
manpower as they are needed.

These are just to start with if you have any opinions or questions, please feel free to send them on!!!!

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