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Meeting Minutes 12/21/2000

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December 2000 Downriver Greens
Meeting Notes

Darren welcomed everyone and briefly explained some of the items that would be covered this evening.

Party News
Darren explained the situation with a person by the name of Joe Dithazy. He is attempting to get control of a Wayne County Committee which would nominate all candidates for local elections within Wayne County. He is doing this without calling a meeting of all the locals. It is advised that if he contacts you, not to respond.

The first regional meeting at the Green House in Ferndale took place on December 10th. Amy gave a brief summary on the topics covered. The next meeting is scheduled for January 14th from 3-5pm, and will occur every 2nd Sunday of the month. Everyone is welcome, we can plan car pools if enough people are interested. These meetings are informal and are an opportunity for all the locals to come together share ideas and discuss issues that affect us on a regional scale. Notes from the first meeting are available, if you are interested please let us know.

Local Business
Elect Officers
Present members nominated and elected Darren Wilkinson as Co-Chair/ Secretary and Amy Hunt as Co-Chair/Treasurer. Paul Jennings was recognized as the evenings Sergeant at Arms. This is a voluntary position; if you are interested in being Sergeant at Arms for an up coming meeting, please let us know.
Adopt By-laws
Darren drafted and handed out draft by-laws. Present members temporarily adopted the draft by-laws until next months meeting. Members are asked to look over the by-laws and bringing any questions or comments to the next meeting. If you would like a copy of the proposed by-laws, please email us.
Discuss Next Steps
One of our next steps will be to open a bank account for our local. This will require filing with the IRS as a non-profit and obtaining an employee identification number. Since we are not currently raising funds, we do not have to do this right away but it is something to keep in mind for the near future.

For the mean-time the Environmental Committees will be chaired by Amy and Darren will chair the Media committee. If you are interested in either of these committee's. Please let us know!
We are still seeking a chairperson for the Labor Committee and the Social Responsibility Committee's.

Health Care Committee
One of our committees is on health care issues. We are lucky enough to have a new member, Phyllis Moga, who is also a member of the Wayne County Michigan Campaign for Quality Care. The group is a new statewide consumer-led effort to assure better care, better choices, and better quality of life for Michigans nursing home residents. Phyllis spoke to us about the group, handed out information and bumper stickers. The group meets once a month, if you would like more information contact Phyllis at (313) 386-7784.

Goals of our local
We asked for ideas of what our goals as local should be this year. Some ideas were:
Letter writing campaigns
Brownfields (ex: McClouth Steel)
Sponsor Blood Drives (contact Red Cross)
Adopt a Highway Program (four periods per year must do it at least twice a year, after second clean-up we would get a sign with our name on it)
Anything sponsored by Green Party (ex. read to kids in the library, speak to community groups, etc.)
Public outreach (ex. set-up a booth at local street fairs, Wyandotte, Trenton, Allen Park, etc.; advertise meetings on public access cable stations)

Action Items
Paul will find out information on obtaining a table at Wyandottes, Trentons and Allen Parks street fairs
Melissa will find out information on Taylors and Lincoln Parks summer festivals, will call cable companies regarding advertising on public access stations and will sign our group up for the adopt-a-highway program.
Everyone review the by-laws, they are posted on our website
Please bring any suggestions to the next meeting, and think of more goals for our local.

Close Meeting
Next meeting will be Thursday, January 18th at 7:30 again at Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate.