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Meeting Minutes 2-15-01

Downriver Greens - February 15, 2001
Meeting Notes

Darren Wilkinson welcomed Todd Petrimoulx, Vice-President of the U of M - Dearborn Greens, and the new faces to the meeting.
Amy Hunt mentioned to Todd that the Green House is looking for volunteers to help staff the office and she thought it would be a good internship opportunity for students.

Party News
The State Quarterly meeting was February 10th. At the meeting State finances were discussed, five new members including Darren Wilkinson were elected to the State Central Committee (SCC) and a State platform was proposed and discussed.
The next meeting is a two-day meeting May 19th and 20th and will be held in Traverse City. This meeting is particularly important because Officers are elected at the spring meeting.

The Regional meeting was February 11th. Phyllis Moga attended and gave us a report on the basic discussion. Tom Ness proposed a bill night at the Green House, his would give Greens an opportunity to learn about new legislation and discuss it. Each local also described this that they have been doing throughout the month. The next Regional meeting will be held on March 11th from 3-5pm.

Action Items
We will be sponsoring a blood drive on April 16th from 1-7pm at the VFW Hall on Fort Street in Southgate. To sponsor a blood drive, we be required to supply three Greens to staff a sign-in table and supply lunch for 8 Red Cross staff and volunteers. The Red Cross is always short on blood, this is a great opportunity for us to reach out to the community and get our name out there. This is truly a community effort because blood donated in the community stays in our community.

Darren contacted Comcast to have our meeting advertised on the community bulletin board. Keep your eye out and if you see it please email us (

Kevin from the Kent County Greens has issued an Outreach Challenge; the local who signs up the most new members by March 31st will get $75 by the next Quarterly Meeting.

Darren contacted the Michigan Education Association about speaking to Government Classes about the role third parties play in the political process. He will update us next month if he gets any information.

Phyllis gave us a brief overview of what the Michigan Campaign for Quality Care has been doing. Their next meeting is March 8th at the Taylor Civic Center from 7 to 9pm.


Our local is entitled to receive half of dues paid to the State Green Party. In order to do that we must have a treasurer and a bank account. It is proposed to separate the current Co-chair/ treasurer seat in order to have a fulltime treasurer who will be responsible for the bank account. Darren will draft language to amend the by-laws. At the next meeting we will review the language and adopt the amendments. If you are interested in running for the position, please let us know.

Todd brought up a discussion of the proposed platform. He noted that the line regarding eliminating automobiles could be used against us. The automakers may use this to turn their labor against us. The group voted to send a message to the platform committee about striking this line. We proposed instead a platform to encourage the use and development of alternative fuels and public transportation.

Next Downriver Local Meeting:
Thursday March 15th, 2001 at 7:30PM @ Zodiac RacquetBall Club in Southgate